Radio and Web Broadcasting

  • Management and Programming Services
  • Audience Market Research
  • Commercial Creation and Production
  • Attitudinal Research
  • Radio Ratings and Web Analytics
  • Web Design, Construction and Ongoing Publishing
  • Podcasting and Streaming

Non Profit Development Services

Sample of work:

Sample of work:

  • Client:
  • New Project: Creation of Lebanon Helping Hands
  • Donor and prospects relational database
  • Event relational Database
  • Fundraising Events
  • Marketing Brochures / Publications

Non Profit Media Services

  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Multi Media / Radio Marketing strategy and campaigns
  • Web and Marketing Analytics
  • Radio Talk Show Interviews
  • Newsletter Creation and Publication

Development Research

  • Creation/ Maintain donor and prospects database
  • Top of Mind Awareness 
  • Top of Mind Donation Ranking
  • Awareness of Service(s) Studies
  • Building Donor/Customer Databases
  • Utilization of Donor Database Analytics
  • Donor Email and Mail Contacts


  • We analyze data from your organization's web site adding its valuable dataset to more traditional financial analytics to implement a multi channel (multimedia) growth plan to increase organization awareness and income.  
  • Data utilized includes:
    • Who: Demographic information (such as age/sex/ family status/ employment) and psychographic (interests, lifestyle) data
    • Where (Geographic. Where did your web site viewers come from. Location of heavy users. What characteristics do viewers have in a specific  geographic area.
    • Why:  What did user come to the site for, what did they view, what was their flow on web site, how long viewing each page
    • When:  Date if viewing.  Was this viewing triggered by event or or organization promotion. What day of week, time of day, repeated viewing sessions- when, where how many, viewing length of each page and total for session
    • How: How did user get to your site? Use a Search Engine? Click a referral link? Directly type web address? Utilize Google, Bing or other search engine? If so what did they search for?
    • What:  What type of technology? Desktop, Tablet, Smart Phone. Was the device new or old (Operating System, Screen Size), Broadband Provide?

Technology SERVICES

  • Integration of Wireless and Wired Small Business Technology into your Non-Profit Organization
  • Integration of Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone and Smart Home systems into your Non-Profit Organization
  • Non Profit Training in web content publication and Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Office, Publisher, etc.) 
  • Custom Non-Profit Organization Database Solutions